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Till Payments


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Till payments came to Re for a website uplift, it no longer represented their ambition as they had grown from a spunky startup to a much more sophisticated and leading platform. Through a series of interviews and internal workshops, we were able to identify the real challenge that lay behind the brief of addressing the Till Payments website: The team had a brand that wasn’t fit for purpose throughout the entire experience – from comms and marketing to product.

The result was a disconnected brand experience as customers transitioned from pre-sale to post-sale users. The project turned into a transformational end-to-end brand refresh that embedded a robust digital design system into the business and facilitated a much more connected ecosystem across teams. Our work touches everything from their terminal UI, customer portal, marketing website, digital comms, OOH, packaging, and tradeshows. Our work ultimately built a digital experience that lives up to the brand promise.

The Re team partnered with us firstly to design our new Till website and then built our universal brand system which extended into product, comms and all our channels. They took a very static, comms-based brand system and made it truly digital. They are great partners and top quality designers in both the brand and product space and flexed around our process and pivots.

— Romy Briers, Head of Brand & CX

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